Canadian Credit Union Association

NEXTGEN® Virtual Series: The Way Forward


The Canadian Credit Union Association (CCUA) and the National Young Leaders Committee are pleased to present the new NEXTGEN® Virtual Series: The Way Forward, an outstanding opportunity for young leaders across the country to share knowledge and best practices, network with peers, and discuss and collaborate on opportunities to build their careers and enhance their credit union’s success.

Led by Keynote Speaker and Moderator Sandra McDowell, in three sessions Young Leaders will gain valuable insights and connections from leaders, both around the world and at home, on best practices for moving forward and leading with strength and courage.

DAY 1: Building Your Career and Amplifying Your Leadership in a Virtual World

Keynote Speaker:
Sandra McDowell, CEO, eLeadership Academy

Learn how to build your career and amplify your leadership in a virtual world. In this session, you’ll learn why distance bias has added to the complexity of building relationships and being seen, and how you can overcome challenges to effectively engage online. We’ll discuss how the brain functions during workplace collaboration…and the small actions you can take to strengthen trust, amplify your leadership and create an impact.

Day 2: Panel Discussion: Leading the Way to a New and Better Normal

Carrie Forbes, CEO, League Data
Paul Kelly, CEO, Connect First Credit Union
Tom Eveson, Director, Sustainable Finance Solutions, Sustainalytics
Shona McGlashan, VP, Governance and Corporate Secretary, Vancity

Now is the time to reimagine a new and better normal. As the credit union system works toward a post-pandemic future, it needs to find a balance between what’s worked in the past and what needs to change in order to be successful moving forward. Tune in to hear what system leaders are thinking on this topic, and collaborate with attendees in a breakout room to discuss the critical role young leaders will play in the transition.

Day 3: Panel Discussion: Global CU Young Leaders: Purpose, Passion and Impact


We are part of an important global movement of 85,000 credit unions in 118 countries, serving 274 million members worldwide. Within this session you’ll meet a dynamic panel of young CU leaders from across the globe and of course, Canada. They’ll share insights into the cooperative work in their country, and provide thoughts on the critical role young leaders play to lead the system forward. This is the first time NEXTGEN has hosted an international CU young leader discussion of this kind, and it will be a passionate and inspiring conversation you don’t want to miss!

Dates & Time:
November 23, 24, 25, 2020
2:00pm – 3:00pm EST

Registration Fee:
In the spirit of continued collaboration, CCUA and the NYLC are proud to offer this event to Young Leaders free of charge
*Member only event

Conference Location: 
Register through our new CCUA Campus portal!