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Director Resources

Did you know, credit union board members have access to an entire channel of complimentary resources inside CCUA Campus? The Director Resources Channel contains information boards can use to support their work including training schedules, whitepapers, articles of interest and more. Use this link to log into CCUA Campus and access the resources today: Director Resources – CCUA Campus

Regional and In-House Training

Did you know, CCUA can bring governance training directly to your boardroom table? Any of our CUDA courses can be delivered to your board following your specifications. When you pick the topic, facilitator, and attendees you also get the benefit of targeted knowledge application. Unlike a public session, regional or in-house training allows you to apply new knowledge to the real-world work of your board. Breakout discussions are more focused on your needs, and it ensures a greater level of engagement because participants often know each other or are working together on board projects. Get started today by connecting with a member of our team by emailing or by phone 1-888-367-1386. You can also talk with your account manager during your next meeting.


We offer access to a wealth of research to assist credit union boards in making sound strategic decisions. Our research team produces several publications providing insight into consumer behaviour, market trends, competitor strategies, and more. Members also receive significant group discounts on subscriptions to a number of third party, industry-leading research providers. Click here to visit our research page: Research – Canadian Credit Union Association (

Continuing Education (CE)

Continuing education (CE) credits play a critical role in maintaining your professional accreditation and enforcing your commitment to ongoing professional development. A side from meeting the minimum annual requirement to maintain your designation you’ll also be staying up-to-date with the latest challenges and opportunities your credit union and board are facing. Your activities will expose you to new trends, research, and current best practices. CE credits help ensure you remain adaptable. The financial services industry is evolving rapidly due to technological advancements, regulatory changes, and market shifts. Ongoing professional development helps you adapt to these changes. Continuing education is an investment in your professional development, and it contributes to maintaining the integrity and credibility of your accreditation.

CUDA Graduates require 6 continuing education (CE) credits to maintain their graduate status each calendar year. Accredited Canadian Credit Union Directors (ACCUDs) require 12 CE credits per year to maintain their accredited status. Directors can earn CE credits in the following ways:

  • Attend the CCUA National Conference = 4 CE credits per day
  • Attend any credit union or cooperative sector conference that is governance related = 4 CE credits per day
  • Participate in the National Mentorship Program = 2 CE (mentee) 4 CE credits (mentor)
  • Attend a director’s forum or other professional development/networking event for credit union or cooperative directors = 4 CE credits per day
  • Maintain active membership with the Institute of Corporate Directors = 4 CE credits per year
  • Attend a CCUA governance focused webinar = 1 CE credit per hour
  • Attend governance training from a recognized provider = 1 CE credit per hour
  • Complete any CUDA training course = 1 CE credit per hour
  • Subscribe to CCUA Research = 4 CE credits per year for any number of subscriptions
  • Completion of the CanadaDE program = 4 CE credits
  • Teach or facilitate a governance focused training session = 1 CE credit per instructional hour
  • Participate as a panelist on a governance focused session = 1 CE credit per hour
  • Actively participate in the online discussion forums through the director’s channel inside CCUA Campus = 4 CE credits per year
  • Other governance related activities may be recognized for CE credits at the discretion of the CUIC Registrar = up to 4 CE credits

A minimum 50% of a director’s annual CE credits must be achieved through credit union focused/specific training, events or activities.

Complete your annual attestation for CE credits

Coming Soon: Board Knowledge Portal

Access to a subscription-based knowledge portal offers a multitude of benefits for credit union directors, particularly in the realms of information accessibility and board efficiency. The Board Knowledge Portal will serve as a centralized repository of video-based knowledge. It will provide directors with access to topical information on key subjects of board discussion such as climate, diversity, data and cyber security, generative AI and more. The portal launches this fall and can be accessed by any director, at any time, through any device. Check back soon for subscription details.

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