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Accreditation for a board of director provides validation of competency in critical governance areas including financial reporting, strategy, planning, risk management, board performance and more. Boards who have accredited directors can instill greater confidence among stakeholders regarding their ability to provide impactful credit union oversight. Directors who choose to become accredited are affirming their commitment to continuous professional development and adherence to the highest standards of corporate governance. Any director who has completed the CUDA program and has served on the board for at least two years may write a qualifying exam to become an Accredited Canadian Credit Union Director (ACCUD). View the steps to becoming an accredited director here or email: to get started.

Nationally recognized credential

Dalhousie University consistently ranks among the top universities in Canada and globally and has been the academic partner of CCUA and the Credit Union Institute of Canada (CUIC) since 1991. While CUIC provides industry specific content and subject matter, Dalhousie University determines the policies, academic level and standards for our professional designations, accreditations, courses, and programs. The university is also responsible for writing, administering, and marking the Accredited Canadian Credit Union Director (ACCUD) exam.

Directors who successfully complete the 2-hour accreditation exam will be granted the Accredited Canadian Credit Union Directors (ACCUD) designation, awarded jointly by Dalhousie University and CUIC.

Preparing for your Accreditation Exam

We provide directors who are preparing to write their accreditation exam, additional support, to ensure their success. When registering to write the exam, directors are provided access to the content used by Dalhousie University to write the exam questions. This provides directors with the information they need to prepare. Directors also have access to a practice exam which provides directors with the opportunity to test their knowledge and become familiar with the types of questions that will be included in their final exam. Additional resources are available for directors who want a bit more preparation.

CUDA ACCUD Pre-Exam Knowledge Assessment

This self-paced knowledge assessment is used by directors to prepare for the accreditation exam. Through a series of questions directors are able to identify where their knowledge levels are strong, and where they need to focus their review efforts before writing their exam. The assessment questions are focused on the core content from the CUDA Level A, Level B and Level C materials. Click here to register for the CUDA ACCUD Pre-Exam Knowledge Assessment.

CUDA Exam Prep – One on One Coaching

Directors will receive access to a subject matter expert for a maximum of 2 hours. The coach will review the CUDA Knowledge Assessment results with the director and answer any questions they have about the CUDA Program materials. Click here to register for the CUDA Exam Prep – One on One Coaching.

Accredited Canadian Credit Union Directors

CCUA would like to extend congratulations to all directors who have earned their Accredited Canadian Credit Union Director (ACCUD) designation and are in good standing.

View the list of recent CUDA Graduates who are now eligible to become accredited in our NewsHub here.

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