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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a critical component in education and professional development. It acknowledges and values the knowledge and skills individuals have acquired both inside and outside formal educational settings. RPL facilitates lifelong learning, allowing for personal and professional experiences to be formally recognized, which can lead to advanced standing or credits in academic programs like the Credit Union Director Achievement (CUDA) program. This process not only honors existing governance training completed by directors, but it also allows directors to focus on the unique aspects of credit union governance when they are first elected to the board.

Create Inclusion with RPL

RPL is instrumental in promoting inclusivity and diversity around your boardroom table. It levels the playing field by providing opportunities for those who may have had unconventional learning experiences or come from diverse backgrounds to have their skills and knowledge formally recognized. This is particularly important for adult learners who have amassed substantial work experience and wish to be recognized for these qualifications. CCUA’s RPL structure remains a dynamic and essential process that adapts to the changing landscape of learning and accreditation.

FastTrack through the CUDA Program

There are many quality governance training programs for directors to choose from. Only the Credit Union Directors Achievement (CUDA) programs teaches governance through the lens of a financial services cooperatives in Canada. When the CUDA program launched in 1988, in collaboration with system partners and education experts, the primary goal was to support credit unions in developing strong governance cultures by helping them develop and institute solid governance practices. Today the goals remain the same; however, the requirements for building and maintaining effective credit union governance continues to evolve.

Through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) directors can leverage a wide range of governance training programs to FastTrack themselves through the CUDA Program. The benefits of the FastTrack program include:

  • Reduced time commitment; complete the CUDA program in as little as 3 months.
  • Avoid relearning content; directors must only complete credit union specific topics.
  • Access to subject matter experts; there are three facilitated eClasses to complete.
  • Ability to build a network; participants of FastTrack are from credit unions across the country.

The FastTrack program will be scheduled annually. View a copy of the current director training calendar for dates and delivery times here.

Leverage your governance training

RPL enhances upskilling and reskilling pathways by shortening the duration of training and offering more personalized learning pathways to adults. If you have completed an external governance training program and want to FastTrack your way through the CUDA program, get started by enrolling in the Credit Union Director Achievement Learning Path here: Directors who hold the ICD.D or the Pro.Dir designations are automatically pre-qualified for FastTrack participation. To get started in the FastTrack program please submit your governance credential or training transcripts on CCUA Campus, here.

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