Canadian Credit Union Association

For more than 20 years, People Solutions have conducted two annual surveys to provide compensation data and insights specific to the credit union sector.  These surveys will empower you with the tools and understanding to benchmark your practices and make data-informed decisions about your compensation. 

Did you know:

  • This year’s compensation surveys cover more than 80 plus executive and non-executive positions and reveal relevant compensation practices and trends. 
  • 100 plus credit unions across Canada participated in last year’s surveys.

Why Compensation Matters:

  • Performance: Attracting, retaining, and motivating talent
  • Cultural: Sharing and managing pay perceptions/expectations
  • Operation: Affordability, not paying too high or too low
  • Strategic: Reinforce role expectations, value and reward behavior that drives business growth

Interested in participating in the 2024 Compensation Survey?  Check out the April 11, 2024 National Credit Union Compensation Surveys Rollout Webinar, featuring survey experts from Go Beyond Data, here, and review the slide deck here.

A reminder that if you participate in the 2024 Compensation Surveys you will receive:

  • Preferential participant pricing
  • Exclusive access to the final reports prior to general distribution
  • Automatic delivery to your inbox

Compensation Surveys are now open to participate!  To participate please contact People Solutions at

Key Upcoming Dates:

  1. May 17: Submission deadline for participation
  2. September 4: Results of the Compensation Surveys available for purchase. To purchase the 2024 Compensation Survey results, please fill out an order form and submit to
  3. September 26: Trends and Hot Topics Webinar at 2pm ET. To register, please click here.

2024 Compensation Surveys Pricing:

 750 plus$3350$4500
Contact for abridged report options for groups or provinces.