Canadian Credit Union Association

Engagement with credit unions is core to who we are. At CCUA, we regularly meet with credit unions and seek their input on the policy and advocacy issues important to them. One way we facilitate this dialogue is through a number of national, issue-based committees, as well as through each provincial and federal jurisdiction across the country.

National Committees

Community Impact Committee

CCUA’s community impact work is led by the Community Impact Committee, which examines corporate social responsibility initiatives to proactively pursue strategies that benefit Canada’s credit union system.

Climate Action Working Group

At CCUA’s 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM), a member resolution was adopted to establish a working group to explore the emerging issue of climate-related financial disclosure. The Climate Action Working Group (formerly, the Climate Change Disclosure Working Group) provides credit union system perspectives, advice and input to CCUA Management regarding issues related to climate-change impacting Canadian credit unions and supports CCUA in enhancing credit unions’ understanding of climate-related risks, opportunities and disclosure.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (“DEI”) Working Group

The national Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (“DEI”) working group assembles industry professionals from all tiers of the system to engage in meaningful conversations and discuss approaches to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace and community.

Financial Literacy Working Group (“FLWG”)

The Financial Literacy Working Group (FLWG) provides credit union system perspectives, advice, and input to CCUA Management on the content of, and issues relating to the Each One, Teach One (EOTO) financial literacy program.

Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Advisory Committee (“LRAC”)

The Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Advisory Committee (“LRAC”) broadly represents all credit unions, both provincial and federal, across the country. It examines a broad array of subject matter relevant to all members. It also provide strategic advice and input to CCUA Management and Board regarding legislative, regulatory, and policy issues that impact credit unions and guide the advocacy approach to these issues.

Committees by Jurisdiction

Each Province/Region has its own respective committees and working groups. If you are interested in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Ontario, or the Atlantic Provinces, please navigate to their respective pages.

In addition, we offer a forum for federally regulated institutions (“FRFIs”), or those in the process of joining them, called the Federal Financial Institutions Advisory Committee (“FFIAC”). Much like LRAC above, FFIAC offers strategic advice and input to CCUA Management and Board, but on matters related to federal institutions.