Canadian Credit Union Association

Credit Union Community Impact Committee

The Credit Union Community Impact Committee examines corporate social responsibility initiatives to proactively pursue strategies that benefit Canada’s credit union system.


The purpose the Credit Union Community Impact Committee is to:

  • Act as a link between credit unions and the Canadian Credit Union Association as a management advisory committee
  • Provide expert guidance, advice and perspective to CCUA Management on issues relating to credit union social responsibility
  • Provide a forum at the national level for discussion and planning regarding credit union social responsibility initiatives and events

CCUA Contact: Bolu Omidiji, Manager, Community Impact & ESG,

Brendan Reimer, Assiniboine Credit Union

Larissa Zariwny, Servus Credit Union


  1. East Coast Credit Union (NS)
  2. DUCA (ON)
  3. FirstOntario Credit Union (ON)
  4. Libro Credit Union (ON)
  5. Kindred Credit Union (ON)
  6. Meridian Credit Union (ON)
  7. Your Neighborhood Credit Union (ON)
  8. Assiniboine Credit Union (MB)
  9. Westoba (MB)
  10. Synergy Credit Union (SK)
  11. Conexus Credit Union (SK)
  12. Affinity Credit Union (SK)
  13. Connect First Credit Union (AB)
  14. Servus (AB)
  15. Osoyoos Credit Union (BC)
  16. G&F Financial Group (BC)
  17. Coast Capital Savings (BC)
  18. First Credit Union (BC) 
  19. Vancity (BC)
  20. Atlantic Central
  21. Manitoba Central
  22. Alberta Central
  23. Central 1