Canadian Credit Union Association

If you’re looking to work for a fulfilling employer, rooted in cooperative principles – look no further than working for a credit union. Credit unions directly employ more than 28,800 Canadians. Whether you live in a smaller remote town, or bigger city, you can count on a credit union being there and helping making difference in someone’s financial well being.  

Credit unions support communities through volunteerism

Credit union employees take co-operative principles to heart – with almost 80 per cent choosing to volunteer during their unpaid time off, and 70 per cent participating in community activities as part of their paid work.

Credit unions help Main Street and rural communities prosper

At their core, credit unions are local, community-based financial institutions. Credit unions help keep their members’ money local. They support small and medium-sized enterprises and provide loans to farmers, benefiting members in communities large and small.

Credit unions keep money in Canadians’ pockets

Credit unions’ commitment to members’ financial well-being and cooperative model helps Canadians to hold on to more of their money by returning profits to members through profit sharing and low/no fees, through community investments and through a national network of surcharge-free ATMs.

Credit unions do not pursue profits for the sake of rewarding shareholders’ quarterly return expectations. They pursue profits to fund the business and to ensure future generations can benefit from the cooperative model and excellent banking services.

Regional job postings

Check back for credit union sector postings from coast to coast.

British Columbia
Gulf & Fraser
Multiple positions available

Steinbach Credit Union
Multiple positions available

Kindred Credit Union
Multiple positions available

Libro Credit Union
Multiple positions available

Your Neighbourhood Credit Union
Chief Executive Officer

Cornerstone Credit Union
Multiple positions available