Canadian Credit Union Association

The Financial Service Representative (FSR) Development Program is a three-tiered training program specifically for FSRs working in the credit union system. The program has been designed to move the FSR from introductory to an academic level of knowledge over a 4-year period. As learners work their way through each level of the program, they will be awarded with a digital badge to mark their achievements.

Program Requirements

The FSR Development Program is comprised of three tiers (foundational, applied, and advanced/academic):

Learners will receive a certificate of completion when all foundational and applied level courses are complete.

Tier 3: Advanced Skills

In years 3 and 4, the FSR will be challenged to formally apply their skills and test their knowledge through a series of formal learning and facilitated eClass deliveries.

After completing all components, FSRs can apply to graduate. The FSR Accreditation is conferred jointly by CUIC Inc (CUIC) and Dalhousie University.

Ready to get started?

Register for the FSR Learning Path activity in CCUA Campus.

Contact Client Solutions at 1.888.367.1386 or for questions and/or registration information.

Special thanks to Assiniboine Credit Union, Steinbach Credit Union, Westoba Credit Union and Access Credit Union for collaborating and supporting the development of this program.