Canadian Credit Union Association

This unique accreditation recognizes member service representatives who have acquired the competencies and proven their ability to provide exceptional member service and conduct day-to-day financial transactions.


The Member Service Representative (MSR) Accreditation is designed to support consistent MSR skill development and prove a high standard of proficiency in six key focus areas (KFAs). The program recognizes both formal and on-the-job learning and measures MSRs’ knowledge, skills, and behaviours against national, industry-defined performance standards in the following six KFAs:

  • KFA A – Teamwork
  • KFA B – Credit Union Champion
  • KFA C – Personal Goal Alignment
  • KFA D – Exceptional Member Service
  • KFA E – Deeper Member Relationships
  • KFA F – Secure Environment

When MSRs demonstrate that they meet the standards, they receive the nationally recognized designation of Accredited Member Service Representative and will receive a digital credential to mark their accomplishment.

Program Requirements

This new cohort-based program takes 3 months to complete. Working with their supervisor, the MSRs’ knowledge, skills, and behaviours are marked against the national accreditation standards set forth by Dalhousie University. MSRs will receive points towards their final mark for completing the following:

1. Participate in weekly check-in meetings with their supervisor (worth up to 10%)

2. Review the MSR’s progress towards each of the KFAs by the MSR’s supervisor (worth up to 40%)

3. Write the final MSR Accreditation exam set by Dalhousie University (worth up to 50%)

The MSR Accreditation Program is offered in a Spring (March – June) and Fall (September – December) cohort.

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Prerequisite: Prior to enrolling an MSR in the MSR Accreditation program, the MSR’s supervisor must complete the Supervisor Training. This four-session coaching program gives supervisors the knowledge and tools they need to effectively coach, monitor and measure their MSRs to the national accreditation standards.

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