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Teller - Canada's Credit Unions

Credit Unions in Canada

Credit unions are provincially and federally regulated, full service financial cooperatives that serve one in five Canadians and have been successfully operating in Canada for over 100 years.

Like other financial institutions, credit unions provide chequing accounts, mortgages, business loans and investment advice. They follow a traditional, diversified banking model focused on personal, commercial and mortgage lending that is funded through deposits and retained earnings.

Currently, about 1 in 5 Canadians belong to a credit union.

Map with credit unions

Who are Canada's credit unions

More Canadians are choosing to become members of a financial institution that puts them first.  Currently, there are 252 credit unions nationwide serving over 5.7 million members.  

Credit unions lead the way

Credit unions are continually innovating to make banking easier, more affordable and more fair. Click to read just some of the innovations introduced by credit unions that we as Canadians take for granted today. 

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Happy employees - work for a credit union

Work for a Credit Union

Credit unions and caisses populaires have a shared focus and commitment to making a difference in the lives of their members and the communities they serve. This includes providing the best products and services to their members. If you believe in contributing to the quality of life of your community – join your local credit union or caisse populaire. 

Bank with us. Work with us.

Award winning credit unions

While a lot of organizations talk about putting their customers first, credit unions have a long and distinguished history of providing an ongoing and meaningful commitment to customer service. In the most recent Ipsos Best Banking Awards, Canadians ranked credit unions first among all financial institutions in overall Customer Service Excellence and Branch Service Excellence for the 14th consecutive year.