Canadian Credit Union Association

Since its inception in 2005, the NYLC has produced a legacy of leaders who have contributed to the success of the Canadian credit union system in profound ways. See the alumni below and connect to learn more about some of our NYLC alumni making a difference in their credit unions, and in Canada’s financial services landscape.

Our Alumni

*Kendra Bagley, Prospera Credit Union, BC
Steve Baker, YNCU, ON
Sara Ferguson, Westoba Credit Union, MB
Theresa Smith, Mainstreet Credit Union. ON
Brandon Wells, Atlantic Central and League Savings and Mortgage, NS

*Rebecca Desjarlais, First West Credit Union, BC
Jamie Carson, Libro Credit Union, ON
Shannon Kennedy, Consolidated Credit Union, PE
MC (Maria Cristina) Laureano, Assiniboine Credit Union, MB
Samantha Lundy, Stabilization Central Credit Union, BC
Ryan Pedwell, Coast Capital Savings Credit Union, BC
Kristin Tabin, SaskCentral, SK

*Jordan McFarlen, Conexus Credit Union, SK
Amanda Gilchrist, Assiniboione Credit Union, MB
Sarah Taylor, Libro Credit Union, ON
Rob Unruh, Access Credit Union, MB
Amanda Wantke, First West Credit Union, BC

*Joel Graham, Conexus Credit Union, SK
Garrett Jones, First West Credit Union, BC
Kyle Setter, Connect First Credit Union, AB
Emily Strybosch, Libro Credit Union, ON
Jessica Thiessen, Prospera Credit Union, BC

*Taurean Seib – Coastal Community Credit Union, BC
Ryan Hildebrandt – Stride Credit Union, MB
Nancy Balopoulos – FirstOntario Credit Union, ON
Anna Hardy – Blueshore Financial, BC
Andrew Jackman – Coast Capital Savings, BC
Shawn McKinley, OMISTA Credit Union, NB

*Teri Buckley — Connect First Credit Union, AB
Maggie Leung — Alterna Savings and Credit Union, ON
Chris Inniss — Auto Workers Community Credit Union, ON
Marianne Jurzyniec — Affinity Credit Union, SK
Matt Waynert — Innovation Credit Union , SK

*David Kropp — First West Credit Union, BC,
Emma Lafreniere — Steinbach Credit Union, MB
Gareth Edwards — First Calgary Financial, AB
Sarah Rea — Meridian Credit Union, ON
Sara Rusak — Assiniboine Credit Union, MB

*Amie Warkentin — North Peace Savings & Credit Union, BC
Adam Thome — Affinity Credit Union , SK
Richard Lange — Servus Credit Union , AB
Steven Marquis — Copperfin Credit Union , ON
Tara Vanden Pol — First West Credit Union , BC

*Ryan Gobolos — Servus Credit Union ,AB
Brian Aalbers — Libro Credit Union ,ON
Leanne DeVliegere — Westoba Credit Union Ltd. ,MB
Pamela Hillis — Mennonite Savings and Credit Union ,ON
Ryan McKinley — Vancity Credit Union ,BC

*Adam Fraser — Coastal Community Credit Union ,BC
Marlin Froese — Access Credit Union ,MB
Mark Gorman — NBTA Credit Union ,NB
Lesia Gojan Klein — Carpathia Credit Union , MB
Vic Mudhar — First West Credit Union ,BC

*Benjamin Janzen — Mennonite Savings & Credit Union ,ON
Kris Babbings — Affinity Credit Union ,SK
Brian Bevilacqua — First West Credit Union , BC
Cheryl McCormack — Bayview Credit Union , NB
Devin Selte — Servus Credit Union ,AB

*Kirsty Reid — First Credit Union ,BC
Trevor Beaton — Synergy Credit Union ,SK
Jeff Knutson — First West Credit Union ,BC
Purdeep Sangha — FirstOntario Credit Union ,ON
Lori Walsh — Cornerstone Credit Union ,SK

*Rich Harries — Affinity Credit Union ,SK
Lisa Castle — Synergy Credit Union ,SK
Jason Davis — Alterna Savings and Credit Union ,ON
Adam Monteith — Kootenay Savings Credit Union ,BC
Duane Nicol — Assiniboine Credit Union ,MB

*Erin D. Robinson — Vancity Credit Union ,BC
Jodi Chambers — Assiniboine, Credit Union ,MB
Robert C. Christiansen — Servus Credit Union ,AB
Ericka Hewitt — Coastal Community Credit Union ,BC
Blake Reynolds — OMISTA Credit Union ,NB

*Shawn Good — Mennonite Savings & Credit Union, ON
Corey Bowes — OMISTA Credit Union, NB
Sherri Fogwill — Newfoundland & Labrador Credit Union, NL
Darren Hinkel — Servus Credit Union, AB
Steve Till-Rogers — Servus Credit Union, AB

*David Lanphear — Envision Financial, BC
Tara McKeown — Affinity Credit Union, SK
Terry Moore — Credit Union Atlantic, NS
Stephanie Wiens — Assiniboine Credit Union, MB

*Beverly Somers — OMISTA Credit Union ,NB
Lisa Bolton — Coast Capital Savings ,BC
George Greenwood — Beaubear Credit Union ,NB
Cory Munden Codroy — Valley Credit Union ,NL
Malcolm Stoffman — Healthcare and Municipal Employees ,ON

*Sean Lesy — Lloydminster Credit Union ,SK
Ron Dau — Envision Financial ,BC
Michelle Manary — Assiniboine Credit Union ,MB
Nicole Reiniger — Common Wealth Credit Union ,AB
Serese Selanders — Saskatoon Credit Union ,SK

*Sandra Phillips — Powell River Credit Union ,BC
Darcy Mykytyshyn — Community Savings ,AB
Jacqueline Jardine — NBTA Credit Union ,NB
Lisa Haché — Your Credit Union ,ON
Lisa Patterson — North Peace Savings and CU ,BC

*Eric Dillon — Rocky Credit Union, AB
Michael Atkinson — VanCity, BC
Jody Burk — East Kootenay Community CU, BC
Michelle McGrath — Newfoundland & Labrador CU, NL
Jason Sentes — 1st Choice Savings and CU, AB