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Assisting credit unions by providing cutting edge research
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CCUA subscribes to a number of research sources on behalf of credit unions. These sources include the latest information, research, data, trends and analysis to assist our members in making sound strategic decisions through print and electronic publications, as well as national, annual subscriptions with major research industry organizations. CCUA members have access to these resources 24/7, free of charge.

Research Reports

The Economic Footprint of Canada’s Credit Unions 

Conference Board of Canada, October 2016

Canadian credit unions are member-owned institutions that provide a wide variety of financial services such as individual and commercial banking, payment processing, and financial planning and portfolio management. While similar to chartered banks in many of the services they offer, credit unions tend to focus proportionately more on individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises. This is a direct result of the governance structure of credit unions, where the owners of the institutions are also their customers, and leads to a greater focus on local banking activities. Member log-in required.


Credit Cards: Disentangling the Dual Use of Borrowing and Spending

Bank of Canada, December 2015

Using household-level survey data to distinguish between the dual use of credit cards for borrowing or paying for purchases, the Bank of Canada finds that the growth in credit card balances over the past 15 years reflects increased usage of credit cards for payment (i.e., spending) rather than increased short-term borrowing.


Mortgaged to the Hill: Risks From The Distribution of Household Mortgage Debt

C. D. Howe institute, December 2015

This report assesses the financial risks posed by rising levels of household mortgage debt in Canada with a focus of debt by income, region and age. The finding: vulnerable pockets exist of excessive leverage or risk.


FIRM Residential Mortgage Survey Final Report – Fall 2015 Results

Altus Group, December 2015

This report provides regular, quarterly tracking of Canadian consumer attitudes and intentions regarding residential mortgages. Member log-in is required.


Canadian Credit Unions: Different by Design

Conference Board of Canada, December 2015

This report, commissioned by Credit Union Central of Canada, finds that credit unions in Canada, like cooperative banks in Europe, really did (and still do) behave differently than banks, and these differences flow from the design of the credit union system. This report is available in both English and French. Member log-in required.

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Research highlights provides a short review on various topics of interest to credit unions staff and directors.

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Comprehensive reports created by CCUA’s government relations and policy/advocacy team that address key challenges, trends and opportunities typically related to changing legislation and public policy related matters.


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