Canadian Credit Union Association

Getting Started

Our essential director onboarding training provides new directors with an overview of the unique aspects to governing a financial institution that is also part of the co-operative sector. If you’re a new credit union director, get started with Foundations of Governance, Level A of the Credit Union Director Achievement (CUDA®) Program, which introduces you to the work of the Board of Directors of a credit union.

Level A: Foundations of Governance

Foundations of Governance is comprised of two components: Six Online Modules followed by a one-day instructor-led session Foundations of Governance in Theory and Action, available as an online or in-classroom session. 

Part One: The Six Online Modules

These on-demand modules are designed to help you understand your role and the principles of good governance. The following topics are covered:

  • Module 1: Overview of the Credit Union System Module
  • 2: The Board’s Roles and Responsibilities Module
  • 3: A Director’s Roles and Responsibilities Module
  • 4: Financial Statements and Financial Metrics Module
  • 5: Asset-Liability Management (ALM) Module
  • 6: Monitoring Credit Union Performance

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Part Two: Foundations of Governance in Theory and Action

After completing the Six Online Modules, this case-based course gives you the opportunity to apply what has been learned about governance and engage with other credit union directors. You will learn how to:

  • Explain the collective and individual responsibilities of board directors
  • Identify the financial impact of strategic plans and policy decisions
  • Assess the asset liability management of the credit union in support of future financial sustainability
  • Monitor the strategic, operational, financial and regulatory performance of the credit union and its risk level

CUDA Foundations of Governance Certificate

After completing the two components of the Foundations of Governance program (Level A), you will have completed the first of three levels of the CUDA program and will receive a CUDA Foundations of Governance Certificate. Learn more about the CUDA Program