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New directors want a better understanding of their role and of the business for which they are accountable. Experienced directors want to be-in-the know about current governance issues and trends. Both groups are in constant search for ways of strengthening their corporate governance practices. The highly respected Credit Union Director Achievement (CUDA) Program has been designed to meet these needs.

Program Overview

The CUDA program delivers the most current thinking about credit union corporate governance in Canada in three progressive levels. Below is an outline of the courses required to complete each level. Each link will take you to the course registration page on CCUA Campus where you can learn more about each offering and register. Note: CCUA Campus login is required. To request an account, contact All CUDA courses are offered as either an online eClass or regional classroom sessions.:

Level A: Foundations of Governance

Level C: Governance Application 

*View upcoming Continuing Education course options in the Director eClass Calendar

Complete the CUDA FastTrack program (for directors with an existing governance credential).


Directors who complete all three levels of the CUDA Program will become a CUDA Graduate and receive a digital badge and CUDA grad certificate to recognize their achievement.

Director Accreditation

Directors who have achieved CUDA Graduate status and have served on a credit union board for at least two years may write a qualifying exam to become an Accredited Canadian Credit Union Director (ACCUD). This designation is awarded jointly by Dalhousie University and the Credit Union Institute of Canada (CUIC®). Click here for more information about becoming accredited or email: to get started.

Continuing Education (CE)

CUDA Graduates require 6 continuing education (CE) credits to maintain their graduate status each calendar year. Accredited Canadian Credit Union Directors (ACCUDs) require 12 CE credits per year to maintain their accredited status. Directors can earn CE credits in the following ways:

  • Attend the CCUA National Conference = 4 CE credits per day
  • Attend any credit union or cooperative sector conference that is governance related = 4 CE credits per day
  • Participate in the National Mentorship Program = 2 CE (mentee) 4 CE credits (mentor)
  • Attend a director’s forum or other professional development/networking event for credit union or cooperative directors = 4 CE credits per day
  • Maintain active membership with the Institute of Corporate Directors = 4 CE credits per year
  • Attend a CCUA governance focused webinar = 1 CE credit per hour
  • Attend governance training from a recognized provider = 1 CE credit per hour
  • Complete any CUDA training course = 1 CE credit per hour
  • Subscribe to CCUA Research = 4 CE credits per year for any number of subscriptions
  • Teach or facilitate a governance focused training session = 1 CE credit per instructional hour
  • Participate as a panelist on a governance focused session = 1 CE credit per hour
  • Actively participate in the online discussion forums through the director’s channel inside CCUA Campus = 4 CE credits per year
  • Other governance related activities may be recognized for CE credits at the discretion of the CUIC Registrar = up to 4 CE credits

A minimum 50% of a director’s annual CE credits must be achieved through credit union focused/specific training, events or activities.

Complete your annual attestation for CE credits

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