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Facts and Figures

The CCUA regularly monitors and assesses the results of the Canadian credit union system and caisses populaires (outside of Quebec) to obtain statistical, high-level key performance indicators. These include: credit union industry assets, deposits/savings and loans, the number of credit unions and caisses populaires, their location and membership numbers, and the detailed industry’s balance sheet and income statement. Both national and provincial results are included and they are available on a quarterly basis. In addition, a list of the top 100 credit unions in the country determined by asset size is available semi-annually. Some publications are intended for CCUA’s members only. Member login is required for the most comprehensive results.

National System Results

The National System Results provide a quarterly high-level review of the financial performance of Canada’s credit unions and caisses populaires (outside of Quebec) by province. Results include assets, deposits/savings, loans, number of credit unions, locations and membership, as well as quarterly and annual growth comparisons.


Credit Union/Caisse Populaire Information Survey 

This quarterly survey, which is for CCUA members only, provides a quarterly update on the balance sheet (assets and liabilities), income statement, and income statement translated as a percentage of average assets for the Canadian credit union system. Results are provided on a provincial basis, and member login is required.


Largest 100 Credit Unions

The Largest 100 Credit Unions report provides the most recent listing of the largest 100 credit unions/caisses populaires in Canada (excluding Quebec). The report is prepared semi-annually and includes a comprehensive overview of changes and shifts in the ranking of the top 100 from the previous listing.


Regulatory Performance Review

This publication, which is for CCUA members only, provides a comprehensive overview of national credit union system results, exploring key performance indicators such as return on assets, financial margin and operating efficiency. This report is available on a quarterly basis, and member login is required.


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