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The National Young Leaders Committee (NYLC) is a team of up-and-coming credit union professionals from across the country, working to strengthen the Canadian credit union system by bridging generations of leadership. We’re a connection point between today’s young leaders, experienced leaders and the leadership roles that will shape Canada’s credit union system of tomorrow.

The NYLC creates a venue for young credit union leaders to collaborate and share their perspectives on system challenges and opportunities, ensuring that the next generation of senior leaders leads the credit union system into the future with confidence and competence. Specifically, the objectives of the NYLC are:

Our Purpose

The NYLC’s purpose is to strengthen the Canadian credit union system through the development & engagement of young leaders.

We Develop

Delivering learning opportunities for Young Leaders within the Canadian Credit Union system.

We Engage

Delivering learning opportunities for Young Leaders within the Canadian Credit Union system.

We Connect

Providing communication platforms for Young Leaders to interact with one another, system leaders, committees and organizations.

NEXTGEN® Leadership Intensive

The Canadian Credit Union Association (CCUA) and the National Young Leaders Committee annually offer NEXTGEN®, an outstanding opportunity for young leaders across the country to share knowledge and best practices, network with peers, and discuss and collaborate on opportunities to build their careers and enhance their credit union’s success.

National Young Leader Award Winner and Scholarship Finalist Presentations

The NYLC would like to congratulate the five recipients of the National Young Leader Award, who each delivered an excellent presentation around their role and contributions to the credit union system. This is always one of the most anticipated and attended break-out sessions at our conference, and this year was no exception.
The five recipients are:

  • Kendra Bagley, Prospera Credit Union, BC
  • Steve Baker, YNCU, ON
  • Sara Ferguson, Westoba Credit Union, MB
  • Theresa Smith, Mainstreet Credit Union. ON
  • Brandon Wells, Atlantic Central and League Savings and Mortgage, NS

Meet our Alumni

Since its inception in 2005, the NYLC has produced a legacy of leaders who are currently contributing to the success of the Canadian credit union system in profound ways. Click each alumni’s name below to view their profiles and learn more about some of our NYLC alumni making a difference in their credit unions, and in Canada’s financial services landscape. View alumni

Current Committee Members

Formed in 2005, the NYLC is comprised of high-potential young credit union leaders from across the Canada who have made a difference in their credit union and/or community. Most NYLC members are recipients of CCUA’s National Young Leaders Award or the World Young Credit Union People (WYCUP) Award.

Jamie Carson, Libro Credit Union, ON
Rebecca Desjarlais, First West Credit Union, BC
Amanda Gilchrist, Assiniboine Credit Union, MB
MC Laureano, Assiniboine Credit Union, MB
Samantha Lundy, Stabilization Central Credit Union, BC
Jordan McFarlen, Conexus Credit Union, SK
Shannon Kennedy, Consolidated Credit Union, PE
Kristin Tabin, SaskCentral, SK (Vice Chair)
Sarah Taylor, Libro Credit Union, ON
Rob Unruh, Access Credit Union, MB
Amanda Wantke, First West Credit Union, BC (Chair)

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