Canadian Credit Union Association

In 2023, CCUA will be working to modernize the research design of the Provincial Products and Services Study to ensure its suitability for modern consumer panels and the continued longevity of the study. This will involve a portion of the content transitioning to biennial coverage – alternating year to year – while the most valued content will continue on an annual basis. For 2023, CCUA has reduced the subscription cost to our members in anticipation of expected cost savings. More background on this change is provided below. For additional information, please contact Rhys McKendry, Manager, Research (


The scope and length of the Provincial Products and Services study has gradually expanded over its 20+ year history. In recent years, data collection, particularly among younger generations, has become increasingly difficult. Modern panels are less willing to complete long questionnaires and some long-standing survey questions do not translate well to a mobile interface. To ensure ongoing data quality and study’s viability over the long term, changes to the study design are needed.

With input and feedback from CCUA’s Research Advisory Council, the decision has been made to transition a portion of the study to a biennial rotation – alternating content covered on a year-to-year basis – while still maintaining core components that are included annually.

In 2022, CCUA gathered feedback from subscribers to understand which elements of the current study are most valued. From this feedback, CCUA identified components of the current study that are best suited for a biennial rotation. Through Q4 2022 and Q1 2023, CCUA will be working to finalize the study design. For more information on which components are likely to be included in either the biennial rotation or core annual study, please contact the CCUA Research Team.