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CCUA’s National Mentorship Program closes on November 30.

Our 2024 NMP program will open on April 1, 2024. If you wish to return to the program and want your existing profile reactivated on April 2, 2024, email

Learn more about CCUA’s National Mentorship Program below.

The CCUA’s National Mentorship Program (NMP) helps connect experienced leaders with those looking for guidance, support and skill development in their roles. The mentorship program also allows leaders to transfer their unique knowledge of the system to their mentees, enabling them to grow their careers and fulfill their full potential – a win-win for the mentees and the credit union system as a whole!

The program is fully funded by CCUA and offers mentorship opportunities in full digital format. The program opens each year in April with mentor/mentee matching taking place until May 1. Mentoring matches remain until the program closes in November.

Mentorship streams

This year, based on participant feedback, we’ve simplified the program by allowing for a single stream; leadership. Mentors and mentees looking to develop in specific areas (DEI/Environmental/Governance) can select from a new set of listed skills. Through the use of AI technology in the digital platform, potential matches will be identified based on the selections.

Past participants tell us the average time commitment is 2 hours per month.

Who is eligible to participate?

  • Mentors: We’re looking for experienced leaders and board directors with skills and experiences they are willing to share. This includes leaders who have retired.
  • Mentees: Any credit union employee or director who has the desire to build skills or abilities and accept coaching from another.

View testimonial videos from past mentors and mentees here.

2024 Informational Webinar

Coming soon. Click the link to review the 2023 NMP launch video to learn more: view the recording by clicking here.

Why Participate?

Mentees reported an average 7% increase in their level of on-the-job confidence after participating in the program, and 90% plan to stay in touch with their mentor after the program ends.

Mentors from last year’s program received a strong average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 from past participants!

“(NMP) was a great experience. I was matched with my ideal mentor and learned so much and grew a lot during my time with him. I was then able to transfer that knowledge to my mentee and then back to help as an advisor to our internal young leaders committee.”

Donnie Ungaro – Interior Savings

“I implemented everything I learned.”

2022 NMP Participant