Canadian Credit Union Association

Prosper Canada – Call for Credit Union Financial Relief Information

Prosper Canada has recently launched a website to provide Canadians with the necessary resources to navigate the COVID-19 outbreak from a financial relief perspective. The Financial Relief Navigator (FRN) will serve as a hub for all Canadians to use to help find financial relief measures provided by financial institutions, governments and other organizations in their areas. Prosper Canada is asking for supporting in helping gather all of the relevant information. If your credit union is providing financial relief measures, and you’d like to help build their database, please contact Janet Flynn, Senior Program Officer at with your credit union’s offerings.

Below is a template for how to submit your credit union’s information:

[credit union name]
[reference link for information, i.e., which site can customers go to, to learn more about this relief?]

[title of relief/benefit]: [2-3 sentence overview of this relief, focusing on: what you can get (including any specific numbers like rates) and who can get this relief. If there are many qualifying criteria, focus on the criteria that would affect the greatest number of people rather than trying to get all of the details in]

  • [how you can get this relief/benefit, including: contact information and any next steps you need to take. If this relief is automatically applied, please mention this]