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New Improvements to CUIC Exams

Based on feedback we’ve received from our CUIC learners we have implemented big changes and new improvements to our CUIC exams. These changes will will carry forward to all future CUIC exams going forward. Last month, over 900 exam takers and 421 proctors were the first to experience:

  • 100 % In-Branch Proctoring – Students and proctors can now write exams from their place of work-eliminating travel time, reducing stress by being in a familiar site, and eliminating credit union costs associated with student arranged exam site.
  • Fully Digitized Exams – Dalhousie University has partnered with us to leverage the new CCUA Campus to deliver all of the CUIC exams online – eliminating paper-based exams, reducing the need to rely on couriers, and making it easier to find and write an exam.
  • Re-written Exams and New Format – Exams have been re-written and audited against the course content. All case studies have been removed, making it quicker to work through each exam and reduce the sit time by between 30-60 minutes.
  • Exam Day Expansion  from One to Five Days – – This allows credit unions to more effectively schedule and space the exams, making it easier to continue serving members while exams were being written.
  • A Reduction in the Total Number of “No Shows” – Many things can impact exam attendance, including a pandemic. Despite COVID-19, these enhancements led to a reduction in the total number of “no shows” by 19.4% over the same period last year.

Here’s what some learners and proctors had to say about the new experience:

Learner Testimonial:

Dave Myers (BBA, FCUIC), Operations Manager at New Waterford Credit Union, is a CUIC learner and each exam gets him one step closer to achieving his Management Studies (ACUIC) designation. When asked how the new exam experience compared to the previous exams, Dave said:

“The new exam format was fantastic – it allowed me to start the exam early in the day in a familiar atmosphere without the distractions of other people.” 

Proctor testimonial:

Alli Maris Krastel, Human Resources Coordinator with VantageOne Credit Union provided proctoring services for her team this June. When asked her thoughts about the exam experience, from a learner and proctor point of view, Alli shared that:

“Overall the experience was great for myself being the Proctor, the instructions on preparing & facilitating the exams very easy to understand.  We had 3 employees write exams and each of them had a positive experience. (In-branch proctoring was) much better for our employees as they knew where to go, there was no worries about parking, which entrance, defiantly much calmer on exam nerves.  We hosted the exams in the morning @ 10:30 am. Once complete they had lunch and then went back to work for the afternoon. “

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