Canadian Credit Union Association

New Board Director Training: BC Lobbying Transparency Act

When British Columbia’s Lobbyist Transparency Act (LTA) came into force on May 4, 2020, it became one of the most expansive lobbying statutes in North America. Now, with the transition period closing on September 15, 2020, all lobbying activities will be registrable. Under the Act, the CEO is legally responsible to ensure lobbying compliance.

Changes to lobbying include new reporting requirements, new filing deadlines, and new ethical rules. With the 100-hour lobbying threshold eliminated, every credit union will likely, at some point, be impacted and required to complete a filing.

To support credit unions through this transition, CCUA is offering a brief training program BC Lobbying: An Introduction to assist with the education of credit union board directors, who are required to record their activities and provide them to the CEO/designated filer for registration through the Registrar’s portal.

This training will feature insights, including:

  • Credit Union engagements with Public Office Holders, including BC FSA, MLAs, Minister’s staff, and the Ministry of Finance.
  • Lobbyist registration requirements, including new requirements related to the disclosure of political contributions.
  • Regulatory developments, including new regulations on gifts and hospitality.

Please sign up here to register your board (Note: CCUA Campus login is required to register. Don’t have an account? Email with your full name and credit union email address and they will set you up!)

CEOs and board chairs can access a report on training participation, which should require no more than 15 to 20 minutes (knowledge testing is not included).