Canadian Credit Union Association

Improvements to the CUIC program

We’re finding ways to bring you additional value in 2020
Printable CUIC certificates, easier tracking for accreditations, and a quicker solution for student arranged exams sites. There are lots of changes in store for CUIC learners.

Printable CUIC certificates
With the launch of digital credentials for all CUIC accreditations and designations it is now possible for a learner or their credit union to print their own high-resolution certificate of accomplishment. No more waiting for a courier package to arrive. An additional bonus is that we’re removing the request to graduate activity and associated fee. Quicker, easier access to your certificate plus you can print your certificate for free!

Easier tracking and increased learner engagement with digital credentials
We’ve added new activities which will allow learners to advise us which accreditation or designation program they want to pursue. This will replace the request to graduate requirement. Once learners advise us of their interest in a program we will track and encourage them with digital credentials. Quicker, easier ways to help learners stay on track plus you can enroll in the program learning path for free!

Quicker solutions for student arranged exam sites and CUIC fee adjustments

We are making it easier for learners to write their exam. In 2020, in partnership with Dalhousie University, we will pilot a virtual proctor offering. This means the elimination of all student arranged exam sites. Learners will be able to write their CUIC exam at their credit union. To allow learners to take advantage of this value-added service, and to offset the fees associated with virtual proctoring, we will be adjusting some CUIC course costs and service fees effective January 1, 2020. Please review a complete list of adjustments here.