Canadian Credit Union Association

Canadian Credit Union Association launches new national brand

Toronto, ON — The Canadian Credit Union Association is launching a new national brand program that will celebrate the defining principles of Canada’s credit unions, highlighting how they deliver on what Canadians are really looking for with their “You First, Banking Second” campaign.

“We are so excited to launch this new campaign” says Martha Durdin, President and CEO of the Canadian Credit Union Association. “Our research has confirmed that the one thing Canadians are looking for – focus on people above all – is also what sets credit unions apart. So, our new campaign will show Canadians we can meet their needs, while also complementing and aligning with messaging from individual credit unions across the country.”

The campaign launches today and will encourage Canadians to learn more about their local credit unions and how they can help meet life goals large and small while making people first the focus, by visiting

Nicole Parr
Canadian Credit Union Association