Create Your Competitive Advantage with CUIC 315: Strategic Management

Published Date: May 13, 2024

CUIC 315: Strategic Management is a dynamic course for the next generation of credit union leaders. In this course, learners will explore timely topics related to digital strategies, intellectual capital, knowledge management and entrepreneurship.

Cohort participants will work with peers and a subject matter expert to dissect credit union specific examples covering topics such as: 

  • The process of choosing and defining purposes and objectives
  • Formulating and implementing viable strategies, and
  • Monitoring strategic performance

 “I felt the discussion questions and assignments were well thought out and allowed me to think critically and apply the learning concepts to real-time scenarios.  I felt like I got to practice strategic management during the course, which I appreciated.”

Previous CUIC 315 Participant

This course is only offered as a cohort and the fall delivery is the only time it’s being offered in 2024, so seize your chance to join this year’s upcoming cohort. Cohorts are an engaging and collaborative learning experience where you will get to interact with the facilitator, as well as other credit union employees.

Course facilitator, and retired credit union CEO, Dr. Richard Vaillancourt is passionate about the benefits of CUIC 315 and says:

This course covers all the strategy bases and addresses contemporary topics, with weekly focus logically divided into the traditional sequence of strategic analysis, strategic formulation and strategic implementation.”

CUIC Facilitator, Dr. Richard Vaillancourt

The cohort runs for 12 weeks and is also recognized as an elective credit towards achieving the industry-recognized Associate of Credit Union Institute of Canada (ACUIC) designation, awarded jointly by The Credit Union Institute of Canada (CUIC) and Dalhousie University. 

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