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Board of Directors Elections

2018 CCUA Board Elections

The 2018 Peer Group elections for positions on the CCUA Board will take place online from March 21 to 28, 2018. Below are the positions to be elected by each of the CCUA Peer Groups:

Peer Group 1 —   1 position to be elected in 2018 
Peer Group 2 —   2 positions to be elected in 2018
Peer Group 3 —   2 positions to be elected in 2018 

Please click here to view the CCUA Peer Group Listing.

The Nominations & Elections Committee has developed the 2018 Director Nominations Package to provide potential candidates with important information about eligibility requirements under the CCUA General Bylaw as well as information about the skills, competencies and responsibilities expected of CCUA directors. Nominations for director candidates will close on February 19, 2018.
If interested, please send your completed package to Brenda O’Connor, Corporate Secretary at


Delegate Information

Voting instructions will be sent to all Class A Member delegates by email. If you are a voting delegate and have not received an email, please contact Jan Hopper at

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