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Credit Union Information Portal

The Credit Union Information Portal (CUIPTM) is an online, single storage repository of information for credit unions and regional Centrals that supports the information needs and reporting requirements, including compliance reporting to the payment networks such as Interac, Visa & MasterCard.

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What's new?

What's new?

You talked and we listened, the redesigned site has a new look and feel that offers great new features such as reports, search fields and an improved user experience.

Attached is the new manual which will aid with your transition and navigation through the new redesigned CUIP.

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What kind of information is stored on CUIP?

CUIP hosts an extensive range of information including: ATM/branch/credit union details, which support the locators’ online and smart phones; provincial and national rankings and assets; and contacts for the various departments within your credit union and your regional Central.

What are the benefits of CUIP?

  • Online reports available which were previously created manually
  • Credit unions have the ability to update the database directly when changes occur
  • CUIP houses information related to credit union ATM and branch locations
  • Supports local and mobile app locators
  • Facilitates payment network compliance with the annual Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Who can access CUIP?

Credit unions can access CUIP to review and update their information regarding ATMs, branches, business partners and internal contacts. There are a number of reports also available to you, which reduces the need to manage separate reports.

Regional Centrals also have access to the information for all of the credit unions in their region.

How do I register for CUIP?

On the CUIP site select Register Now, complete your information and then press ‘submit’. There is a requirement that the Registrants’ manager send an email approval to Once received a Network Services Administrators at CCUA will review the application and approve access if all mandatory information is complete. If information is missing or requires clarification, the Registrant will be contacted.

Who manages CUIP?

The CCUA manages CUIP for the credit union system.

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Reference Materials

Access reference material related to CUIP here.