Support British Columbia Emergency Relief Efforts

British Columbia needs our help! After a summer of dangerous wildfires, many communities are now faced with severe rainfall and flooding. The province is currently under a state of emergency, as thousands of people have been left stranded without a home. A handful of Canadian Armed Forces members have been called in for additional aid, and additional troops are expected to be released soon.

Currently, 17,000 people have evacuated from their homes and an additional 6,900 properties are under evacuation order, with a further 2,700 under evacuation alert. The floods have also severely affected farmlands across the province as well farm animals and wildlife.

To help support emergency relief efforts in British Colombia, donate through the Canadian Red Cross here. As you can imagine, a number of credit unions across Canada have already stepped up to donate and we thank them!

Our thoughts are with the people of British Columbia, and anyone in the system who might have been affected by this tragedy.

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