Canadian Credit Union Association

Strategic Management Fall Cohort (CUIC 315): A Powerful Succession Planning Tool For Managers

Create a competitive advantage for your credit union by enrolling in this three-month, university-level course. Students will explore timely topics and attend guest presentations related to digital strategies, intellectual capital, knowledge management and entrepreneurship. Weekly, students can apply meaningful learning to their credit union roles. 

In partnership with Dalhousie University, CUIC 315 is designed to integrate learning into the flow of existing work. Webinars, assignments, and social learning discussions are now 100% digital and accessible from any mobile device. This is learning at the speed of business. Cohort participants will work with thought leaders covering topics such as: 

  • The role of strategic management; Establishing a Brand Differentiator
  • Implementing viable strategies; Credit Unions in Disruptive Times
  • Defining purpose and the critical importance of embracing a culture of sustainability; Canadian B Corp Certification

Cusource® facilitator, Dr. Richard A. Vaillancourt explains; “There are many benefits when participating in this style of learning. This cohort is designed to support a 70:20:10 delivery method. This model of professional development sees students obtaining 10% of their new skill and knowledge through eClass delivery. The social learning environment provides another 20% as students engage and discuss concepts with peers on a digital platform. The final 70% of knowledge transfer happens as students are applying their weekly questions and assignments on actual credit union strategies. This course covers all the strategy bases and addresses contemporary topics, with weekly focus logically divided into the traditional sequence of strategic analysis, strategic formulation and strategic implementation.” 

At the end of the three-month cohort, participants will complete a formal exam which is administered through Dalhousie University. This course is recognized as an elective for the CUIC designations and, course credit may be transferable for other business degrees or qualify as continuing education credit under other professional designations. 

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