Keep Robbery Prevention Top of Mind with our Robbery Training Solutions Courses

Published Date: May 14, 2024

Did you find the CCUA’s Robbery Prevention Strategies webinar insightful? If so, expand your robbery prevention knowledge even further with our comprehensive training solutions tailored for credit unions.

Stay ahead of the curve in safeguarding your institution’s security with these robbery prevention courses:

Robbery Preparedness 

Robberies are rare and traumatic events that are a reality of our business. Learn how to stay safe during a robbery with our engaging 30-minute eLearning course. This course guides you through the key priorities to protect yourself and others in a robbery situation. This module is ideal for both new learners and to satisfy annual compliance requirements. It is also available for solo or group enrollment. Stay safe, stay prepared!  

Member Service Representative (MSR) Start Series

In just 30 minutes, Module Three of the MSR Start Series equips MSRs with the essential insights to effectively perform their pivotal role as the first line of defense in risk management. Module three is a crucial part of our six-module series and aims to empower MSRs with the knowledge to safeguard our credit union against various risks, including robbery, extortion, and harassment. 

Member Service Representative Accreditation Cohort 

The Member Service Representative (MSR) Accreditation is designed to support consistent MSR skill development and prove a high standard of proficiency in six key focus areas (KFAs). The program recognizes formal and on-the-job learning and measures MSRs’ knowledge, skills, and behaviors against national, industry-defined performance standards in six KFAs, including Secure Environment. This course requires MSRs to research, document, and review details of key security activities, such as describing their credit union’s policies and procedures regarding a branch robbery and how to respond to both members and media after such an event.  

This program does more than prepare an MSR to respond to a robbery situation. It also empowers them to become the benchmark of industry excellence during high-risk situations.  

Take preventative steps to keep your credit union as safe as possible. Register for these courses with the links above today!

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