How Does Your Credit Union Keep Financial Crime Top of Mind on Your Frontline?

Published Date: Jun 10, 2024

Can your team confidently recall the answers to these questions, based on what was covered in your annual anti-money laundering training?

What happens when a criminal tries to coerce a credit union employee into ignoring suspicious activity?  

How does FINTRAC define what is a reliable source of information?

Can you name the various forms of predicate crime?

Conducting ongoing training for staff and employees is essential in accordance with the PCMLTFA requirements. How can you ensure your team stays compliant with these regulatory requirements and your credit union’s ability to effectively manage AML risks and other threats? That’s where CCUA’s Flag Financial Crime micro-eLearning series comes in!

The Flag Financial Crime series is designed to keep financial crime top of mind, and help your team answer questions on fraud topics, year round. This micro-eLearning library, created by the experts at Tamlo®, is made up of 48 five to ten-minute modules that concisely cover the financial crime fundamentals. Once enrolled in the library, learners will receive weekly reminders of a micro-module they could review. Reminders come directly to their inbox with a link to jump into the training module and these sessions are simple, quick, and impactful, and offer solutions to keep financial crime knowledge at the forefront for your employees all year round!

This course reminds me to continue to be diligent on reporting.

2024 Flag Financial Crime Learner

I love the micro-learning platform. I hope you continue to add to it! I always look forward to completing a course or two every week.

2024 Flag Financial Crime Learner

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