Canadian Credit Union Association

Fraud Prevention Month 2021

Canadian Credit Union Association is pleased to participate in this year’s Fraud Prevention Month. Initiated by the Competition Bureau of Canada, Fraud Prevention Month takes place in March each year and brings together government agencies, law enforcement organizations and financial institutions across Canada to raise awareness about financial and all types of fraud. By communicating about how fraud occurs, Canadians can be empowered to Recognize, Reject, and Report fraud.

While credit unions and other financial institutions continue to improve technology and procedures to combat fraud, avoiding fraud is also about consumers and businesses taking an active role in protecting themselves. Throughout the month of March, the Competition Bureau and its partners in the Fraud Prevention Forum (including CCUA) will participate in various activities and events to inform Canadians about the impact of fraud and how to protect themselves.

Credit unions can visit the Fraud Prevention Month section on the Competition Bureau’s website for more information and to access resources to help your staff and members fight fraud. Over the month of March, CCUA will be participating in Fraud Prevention Month through social media using the hashtag #FPM2021 and will be providing credit unions with various Fraud Prevention Month resources on our website.