Become the Lender Members Trust with the CUIC 210: Consumer and Residential Mortgage Lending Cohort

Published Date: Feb 21, 2024

As a consumer lender, credit union members look to you for guidance, clarity, and as the person who will help them gain insights into how they can position themselves for greater financial success.

Ask yourself: when it’s time for a mortgage renewal discussion with your members, are you aware of the potential issues that might influence your decision to recommend an increase to the borrower’s interest rate? If the answer to this question is no, refresh your consumer lending knowledge with the help of the CUIC 210 Consumer and Residential Mortgage Lending Cohort.

When asked about the most valuable thing they learned in this cohort, one learner answered:

 “The ability to ask the right questions when conducting an interview with a member. I also learned the importance of being up to date on the policies and procedures for my credit union.”  

Did you know that participants in this cohort score, on average, 10 points higher in this course than participants who complete it using the self-study method? What are you waiting for? Spring cohorts kick off on Thursday, February 29, 2024, and won’t reopen until the fall. Don’t miss out, register now!