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Liberal Party's Platform and Commitments to Credit Unions

October 2, 2019

Jay Denney, Manager of Advocacy, Canadian Credit Union Association

The Liberal Party unveiled its full platform over the weekend, with several commitments of note to the credit unions system, including:

  • An expanded and enhanced mandate for Farm Credit Canada, by creating a new entity, Farm and Food Development Canada. This entity will serve as a single point of service for all parts of Canada’s food economy, and will have its lending capacity increased by up to $5 billion a year.
  • The creation of a Digital Charter. This Charter will establish rights to:
  • data portability;
  • the withdrawal of basic personal data from a platform;
  • know how personal data is being used, including knowing who has access to it;
  • review / challenge personal data that a company or government has collected;
  • data security
  • be informed when personal data is breached, and to be compensated accordingly;
  • and be free from discrimination online, including bias and harassment.
  • Creation of a Canadian Consumer Advocate. The Advocate will serve as an independent, single point of contact for people who need help with banking, telecom, or transportation-related complaints, and will be empowered to review complaints and, if founded, impose appropriate penalties.

CCUA continues to monitor announcements from all major parties and communicate those of interest to our system. If you have any questions or require further information, please contact Jay Denney.