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Women's Stream of CCUA's National Mentorship Program

March 1, 2019

While highly capable women are increasing their presence and influence in senior executive and board positions across the credit union system, there is more work to do.

We know that businesses promote those who add quantifiable value to their company’s development be they men or women. Why, then, are so many women staying in supervisory and management positions when they could be applying for executive roles? What could change that?

The answer, some would say, lies in the 70-20-10 rule, where 70% of a manager’s learning and development comes from on-the-job assignments that “stretch” them; 20% from mentoring and 10% from formal learning. The women's stream of CCUA's National Mentorship Program has been designed to give women in supervisory and management roles the confidence to go for those stretch assignments – to show themselves and others what they can do. To give them the confidence to step forward and rely on their abilities.

Registration for the 2019 National Mentorship Program, including the Women’s Mentorship Stream will open March 11. To learn about the program visit