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CUBOS News and Updates

September 27, 2018

Earlier in 2018 the Credit Union Business Owner Strategy (CUBOS) commenced integration with CCUA to leverage the strengths of both organizations for the benefit of Canadian credit unions. CUBOS is funded by its member credit unions and is open to any Canadian credit union on a cost-sharing basis. CUBOS membership includes access to a range of tools and resources focused on supporting credit unions that wish to grow relationships with business owners.

FREE Interactive Webinars
One of the benefits of CUBOS membership is access to the rich database of strategic research provided through Gartner (formerly CEB) CUBOS is a member of the Gartner Small Business Leadership Council on behalf of its member credit unions. On October 2 and October 9 CUBOS will be hosting FREE interactive webinars open to any Canadian credit union, in partnership with Gartner.

  • Window on the Future (October 3, 2018 at 10:00 am PT) click here to register
  • Maximizing Capture of Non-Interest Revenue (October , 9 at 10:00 am PT) click here to register
These webinars capture some of the leading trends and emerging issues facing financial institutions serving small business clients. Gartner’s research draws from the experiences of leading financial institutions around the world. The first webinar focuses on the important Relationship Manager role and how that is evolving in response to the needs of business members. The second webinar shares emerging trends that are driving the behaviour of leading financial institutions and the third webinar shares information about how some institutions are enhancing access to non-interest revenue to supplement their interest margins.

Beyond the research highlights available to all credit unions the detailed insights are available to CUBOS member credit unions.

National Canadian Small Business Research

CUBOS regularly checks in with business owners across the country through a comprehensive national research program to better understand the motivators and barriers to credit union membership, the opportunities available to Canadian credit unions and the challenges that we need to address to better serve this important market. CUBOS’ research spans back to 2006 providing CUBOS credit unions with invaluable historical trends and context. Once again CUBOS is reaching out to business owners in October 2018, including credit union members and non-members/bank clients, to gather insights for the benefit of CUBOS credit unions. Once completed the research highlights will be available to all Canadian credit unions with the detailed findings and recommended action plans available for the benefit of CUBOS member credit unions.

CUBOS Steering Committee Planning Session

CUBOS is led by a dedicated team of executives from credit unions across the country. The Steering Committee is holding their annual planning session in Victoria on Wednesday, October 17, 2018 following CCUA’s 2018 National Lending Conference. Participation at the planning session is open to any CUBOS credit union. For more information about the planning session contact CUBOS’ Program Manager

The planning session will identify and confirm CUBOS priorities for the next several years. Participating in the planning session is your opportunity to influence the direction of CUBOS for the benefit of your credit union and your peers across the country.