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Diebold Nixdorf Secures Financing to Continue Investing in Innovation

September 7, 2018

By Nick Best

After Diebold Nixdorf (DN) announced an unexpected second quarter loss on August 1st 2018, the company began the process of developing a new financing agreement to ensure it will have ample liquidity to fund its strategic initiatives and continue to provide the industry with essential solutions. This process led to unsubstantiated media reports that the company was seeking a potential sale.

From a liquidity standpoint, late last week DN announced that it has secured a $650 million term loan. This will allow the company to implement its “DN Now” strategy to regain a stronger financial position, while providing the flexibility needed to continue investing in innovation. You can learn more about this agreement at

The “DN Now” operational improvement plan is focused on a number of fronts, including:

  • Implementing a new, more customer-centric operating model;
  • Enacting a new Services improvement plan, and;
  • Streamlining current solutions (including reducing the number of ATM models by 30%) and introducing next-generation product capabilities and cloud-based software offerings.
CCUA will continue to monitor the situation and engage with Diebold Nixdorf as necessary.

Diebold Nixdorf’s correspondence with CCUA can be accessed here (letter attached).