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Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Committee Making Great Progress on Advocacy Files

May 16, 2018

Jessica Brandon-Jepp, Advocacy and Government Relations Advisor, Canadian Credit Union Association

The Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Committee (LRAC) has made great progress supporting credit unions’ advocacy efforts with projects detailed in its yearly workplan.

The Committee met prior to the CCUA annual conference and discussed issues of importance to credit unions such as fair taxation and a national approach to payday lending regulation.

A presentation was given about work underway to perform a comprehensive analysis of the tax regimes in jurisdictions across the country which will inform the strategy for a future tax campaign.

A jurisdictional scan of payday lending regulation was provided to the Committee to inform potential next steps for credit unions raise awareness of alternatives to these practices and of our extensive collective work in the realm of financial literacy.

CCUA was pleased to receive excellent feedback and direction from the Committee to enable further progress on these issues.