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Shared Vision Committee

February 13, 2018

Sachin Deshpandé, Sr Manager Nat'l Media & Communications, Canadian Credit Union Association

Within our system –credit unions, CCUA, Central and other 2nd tier organizations – we have a good understanding of where we are today and where we’re headed. However, we’re sill missing a wholesome view of how credit unions see their future.

To address this issue, the CCUA board has struck a National Shared Vision Committee to foster dialogue about the future of credit unions in Canada. As part of this initiative, we will shortly send out a survey for credit union CEOs and board chairs, as well as current and recent members of the National Young Leaders Committee.

We will ask questions that have never been addressed on a national scale. We will share the results with credit unions and will encourage discussions in the coming months, including a robust brain-storming at the National Conference for Canada’s Credit Unions (April 29 to May 1 in Toronto).