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First Credit Union Caucus Reception Sees Great Turnout From Legislators

February 13, 2018

Jessica Brandon-Jepp, Advocay and Government Relations Advisor, Canadian Credit Union Association

Some of the many legislators in attendance at the Reception: from left to right: Senator Lucie Moncion, MP Xavier Barsalou-Duval, MP Ron Liepert, MP and Caucus Co-Chair Dan Albas, MP Alex Nuttall, MP Kelly Block, MP and Caucus Chair Francesco Sorbara, MP Elizabeth May, MP Bernard Generoux.

We can be very pleased with the attendance and interest from legislators in the first All-Party Credit Union Caucus Reception held in Ottawa.

The event saw credit union advocates attend to thank legislators for their work in forming the Caucus and supporting credit unions. The reception highlighted credit unions’ support of small businesses in communities across the country and showcased products from a number of co-operatives and small businesses supported by credit unions. Attendance at the reception was significant and reached over 22 legislators, with many more interested legislators unfortunately unable to make it because of late evening sitting. The fantastic turn out and enthusiasm amongst legislators is the result of a long-build towards greater credit union awareness on the Hill as well as heightened credit union advocacy work over the summer concerning banking terms.

Among the legislators in attendance were Caucus Chair Francesco Sorbara, Caucus Co-chair Dan Albas, Minister of Small Business and Tourism Bardish Chagger, NDP Finance Critic Peter Julian, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, Senator Lucie Moncion and former Meridian employee, MP Alex Nuttall.

CCUA staff will continue to build momentum and awareness of credit union issues on the Hill by facilitating the great work of the All-Party Credit Union Caucus. The next meeting of the Caucus is planned for early Spring.