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Keeping tabs on the Canadian Economy with Conference Board of Canada Reports

January 12, 2018

Les Czarnota, Communications Specialist, Canadian Credit Union Association

The Canadian Credit Union Association subscription to the Conference Board of Canada’s e-Library includes reports, conference e-proceedings and webinars on many topics: national and provincial short-term economic trends, human resource management, compensation and benefits, organizational excellence, governance and enterprise risk management.

Please note that you must have an account with the Conference Board of Canada to be able to access the documents. To sign in or create a new account, please go to:

If you are looking for reports on Canada’s economy, the Conference Board of Canada provides monthly and quarterly economic reports that are available to you. Please note that the hyperlink provided with each title below is to the latest issue available as of January 11, 2018.

The Conference Board of Canada provides four ways of keeping tabs on the Canadian economy through its Canadian Outlook series. The Canadian Outlook Bulletin provides highlights of the Canadian short-term outlook prior to the publication of the quarterly Canadian Outlook Executive Summary. This 24-page report provides highlights and assumptions based on the external environment and risks, and Canada’s monetary and fiscal policy. It briefly looks at costs and prices, the household sector, business investment, and foreign trade. Several pages of data detailing key economic indicators and GDP are also included.

The Canadian Outlook Economic Forecast is a comprehensive overview with much more detail on consumer expenditures, housing, government, business investment, international trade, energy, employment, costs and prices, and financial markets. 20 pages of tables are included as well. This quarterly report is usually released three to four weeks after the Canadian Outlook Executive Summary.

Also provided quarterly is a 60-minute webinar – Canadian Outlook with the Chief Economist. To attend this webinar in real time will incur a cost; however, within a month, this webinar is available free of charge to all registered subscribers.

For a provincial perspective, the Provincial Outlook Executive Summary and Provincial Outlook Economic Forecast are published quarterly as well and provide a summary for each province’s economy. Conference Board of Canada also publishes separate publications for each province with more provincial economic detail.

Supplementing these reports and webinars are the Month at a Glance reports. These are available for Canada and the United States. Canadian Economic Month at a Glance provides a snapshot of the Canadian economy for the last six months and the U. S. Economic Month at a Glance provides a snapshot of the U. S. economy.

If you have difficulty in registering or are unable to access the site or documents, please send an email with your contact information and credit union name to