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Upcoming Cusource® Deadlines

September 28, 2017

Veronica Mastroianni, Communications Coordinator, Canadian Credit Union Association

There are a lot of new Cusource courses, e-classes and virtual conferences lined up for the fall. Don’t miss out - register today for the following sessions before their upcoming deadlines!

Applied Delinquency and Collection: October 23, 25, 27
Register by September 28th

Working with Multi-Purpose/Collateral Mortgages: October 26, 30 & November 2
Register by October 5th

CUDA Director Training:
ATL Fall CUDA Camp, PEI: October 20-21
Register by September 28th

BC Fall CUDA Camp, Vancouver: October 13-14
Register by September 28th

ATL Fall CUDA Camp, NS: Risk Oversight: October 23-24
Register by September 28th

Virtual Conference:
Financial Service Representative Virtual Conference: October 17, 19, 24 & 26
Register for the bundle by October 5th

Looking for more? Visit our event calendar on the Learning Gateway.