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Is your Board the best it can be?

September 1, 2017

Michelle Symeonides, Account Manager, Marketing & Communications, Canadian Credit Union Association

Don't miss the opportunity to strengthen the skills of your board directors and improve their communication and decision-making processes.

Two great webinars, only one week left to register!

September 12
Strategies for Improving Decision-Making
Recognizing the obstacles which thwart good decisions is important to achieving improved results. In this session, relevant examples will encourage directors to reflect on their own decision-making processes and will offer ideas and methods to enhance decision outcomes.
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September 14
Navigating Difficult Discussions

This session provides strategies for navigating difficult conversations that can sabotage healthy dialogue and the decision-making process. It also provides practical tools to manage confrontational circumstances in a way that encourages and maintains active, constructive board dialogue and engagement.
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Upcoming Director DNA session

If you missed the inaugural Director DNA session: The DNA of a Top Performing Credit Union Director at this year's national conference and again at the WOCCU conference - you're in luck! The next session has been added to the CUDA Director Training session in Moose Jaw, SK on November 24. Don't miss it!

In this session, you will:

  1. Gain insight into the various attributes that define a top-performing director, that is, their DNA.
  2. Gain insight into your strengths relative to that DNA.
  3. Identify areas for personal development – the first step in creating your personal director development plan
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