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Become a co-operative expert by registering for CUIC’s Credit Unions: Different by Design course

September 1, 2017

Veronica Mastroianni, Communications Coordinator, Canadian Credit Union Association

New to the credit unions industry? Or do you simply wish to advance your knowledge of the field? Look no further than the new CUIC 201 comprehensive introductory course!

Credit Unions: Different by Design is ideal for all those who wish to learn more about the co-operative system and how it differs from the structure of the charted banks.
The course covers everything from the history of credit unions, to the seven principles that guide them, to the benefits that lie within their profit sharing model.
Become an expert in your credit union’s background and be ready to provide more insight and support to your members!

This course may be taken as a self-study or cohort (online class) option. Registration is now open for the November session which runs from November 13, 2017 – March 21, 2018.

Register for the cohort
Register for the self-study

If you’d like to know more about the course, register for the upcoming free informational webinar on Wednesday September 27th, or read the full course description here.

“I found the Co-Hort course CUIC 201 Credit Unions: Different by Design to be very interesting and informative. The assignments are a great part of the course as it encourages you learn things about your own Credit Union that you may or may not have known before.”
Kristin Olson, Crossroads CU

“I enjoyed taking the CUIC 201 Credit Unions: Different by Design course as the materials were interesting and provided a great overview of what makes credit unions unique from other financial institutions. The course materials effectively covered challenges that are relevant to credit unions today and provided opportunities to explore solutions.”
Joanne Freeman, Coastal Community

“I found the CUIC course challenging and informative. I like the cohort form of courses. I have taken courses in this format before and plan on taking more in the future. Thank you to the staff for all of their hard work.”
Mary McCharles, Access CU