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8 Weeks of Summer Learning wraps up!

September 1, 2017

Veronica Mastroianni, Communications Coordinator, Canadian Credit Union Association

Cusource’s 8 Weeks of Summer Learning is in its last leg with the promotion ending on today. We’ve had seven lucky winners so far with the final draw taking place after the Labor Day long weekend, on Tuesday, September 5th.

Register by end of day today for your chance to win the last Tim Hortons gift card and help soften the blow of summer’s end with some of your favourite seasonal treats!

Still unsure? See what other participants have said about the course line-up so far:

Reading and Interpreting a Credit Report
“Great module”
— new learner, first day on the job
Know Your Member, Manage Your Risk
“A very valuable refresher to my role”
—MSR from MB credit with 5 years’ experience
“The design of the course keeps you engaged using mini-quizzes and audio presentations” — Brenda, Diamond North CU, 4 years’ experience
Your Role in Asset Liability Management
100% of learners would recommend
Trusts, Power of Attorney and Other Conversations
91% of learners would recommend
Loan and Investment Strategies in Action
100% of learners would recommend

This week’s featured course is:
Recommending Insured Mortgages with Improvements
Recommending an insured mortgage, with additional funds for improvements, is an excellent way for Financial Service Representatives (FSRs) and lenders to meet member needs. These products also benefit the credit union by proactively mitigating cash-flow and debt management problems before they happen.

Register for the bundle
Register for Recommending Insured Mortgages with Improvements