Canadian Credit Union Association

Grassroots Advocacy

Advocating for credit unions is a collective system-wide effort that starts from the ground-up. Our Government Relations team lobbies and collaborates with government and related stakeholders on behalf of credit unions to ensure that the sector’s interests, needs and issues are duly considered and addressed.

Our team’s central focus is to support the credit union sector and represent their interests however credit unions and their staff are our best advocates to ensure Members of Parliament (MPs), Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs) and Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) understand how credit unions do banking differently. CCUA provides grassroots advocates with government relations training and resources through the CU Nation® advocacy network and our online advocacy centre. You can join our advocacy at CUNation.

Government Relations Forum & Hike the Hill

Every year in the fall, CCUA organizes a Government Relations Forum and Hike the Hill in Ottawa, to bring together credit union sector employees and government officials from across the country.

The forum allows legislators to become informed about the sector, their role in communities and the challenges faced in delivering products and services to their members. 

Since 2009, Hike the Hill has been a very successful advocacy and engagement event. It is now a staple for credit unions and one which garners much attention from the sector. We look forward to continuing to support this event in collaboration with credit unions.