Canadian Credit Union Association

Value Creation by Transforming Capital Management


Calling Risk and Audit Committees of the Board, and Senior Risk and Treasury Leaders!

In the past few years, the cost of capital for Canadian credit unions has climbed far faster than it has for banks and other deposit-taking institutions. As a consequence, capital has to be managed more efficiently in order to deliver higher returns and continuously meet regulatory expectations. 

Credit union executives know all about the main drivers of higher capital cost — the challenges posed by rock-bottom interest rates, disruptive start-up competition, and the new waves of regulatory convergence that add cost and complexity.

Credit unions have no choice but to manage their increasingly expensive capital much more effectively. As such, the measurement of return on capital becomes a crucial part of governance and management, driving decisions to move capital away from underperforming to high-achieving products or business sectors — and, when possible, giving back to members as providers of capital.

CCUA together with BankingBook Analytics is pleased to present a series of 4 X 60-minute webinars on April 20, 27 & May 4, 11, 2021 from 12 p.m. -1 p.m. ET. Learn how to unlock the full potential of capital management with the following learning outcomes: 

•    Redefining capital for credit unions, and identifying how to measure its productivity
•    Understanding the underlying concepts related to capital value, accumulation and dilution
•    Creating value, from financial (capital productivity), strategic (market attractiveness and competitive positioning) and regulatory perspectives
•    Repositioning the role of capital management domains and governance to improve value generation

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