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Each One, Teach One

Each One, Teach One

Enhancing Canadian’s financial well-being is a shared core value for Canadian credit unions.

To help your members develop the knowledge and skills necessary to confidently manage their personal finances, CCUA is partnering with Vancity Credit Union to offer credit unions access to Each One, Teach One.

Become an Each One, Teach One Coach
Are you a credit union employee, dedicated to the financial well-being of members of your community? Are you interested in training your credit union colleagues to deliver financial literacy workshops?

Over the course of 2018, CCUA and Vancity will be working with credit unions to train staff as Each One, Teach One coaches to deliver financial literacy workshops in Canadian communities. As an Each One, Teach One coach, you will be trained to do two things:
  1. Deliver Each One, Teach One workshops. 
  2. Train other credit union employees to deliver workshops. 
Becoming an Each One, Teach One Coach means:
  • You are committed to the idea of delivering plain language, basic financial literacy skills in community and understanding that this is not a place to sell products or services.
  • You will attend three days of mandatory training on how to work with adult learners, and to become familiar with the financial literacy curriculum.
  • After you’ve been certified as a coach, you’ll deliver one training session to train other credit union staff as Each One, Teach One trainers within the following year.
  • After you’ve been certified as a coach, you’ll also deliver four community workshops within the following year. You’ll also look for opportunities to deliver the EOTO curriculum with community organizations through your own networks and you will respond to the opportunities from your own financial institution.
About Each One, Teach One
Each One, Teach One (EOTO) is an innovative financial literacy program that trains employees of financial institutions to deliver basic financial skills workshops in community settings.

Delivered in plain language —in schools, church basements, neighbourhood houses and community centres — the approach of Each One, Teach One is to meet individuals where they are, when they seek training.

The Each One, Teach One financial literacy program provides trained credit union staff with access to 17 financial literacy workshops to deliver in communities:
  • Introduction to basic banking
  • Introduction to basic budgeting
  • Why filing taxes in Canada is a good idea
  • Credit cards and prepaid cards
  • Loans you don’t want
  • Loans: costs and obligations
  • Debt smarts
  • Building a healthy credit history
  • Identity theft and fraud prevention
  • RRSPs And TFSAs
  • Introduction to Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs)
  • Understanding contracts
  • Seniors financial abuse prevention
  • Home Readiness A: Renting vs. Owning
  • Home Readiness B: Cost of Ownership
  • Home Readiness C: Finding the Right Home
  • Home Readiness D: Professional Help
The workshops in the Each One, Teach One series, and the approach to training staff to become certified volunteer trainers in the community was conceived by staff at Vancity Credit Union in British Columbia.

In collaboration with CCUA’s Credit Union Community Impact Committee and the National Marketing Advisory Committee, Vancity is repurposing this program to share with other credit unions through CCUA’s credit union network. This turnkey package has been made possible with the generous financial support of the Vancity Community Foundation (through its commitment to support financial literacy in communities) and significant in-kind support from the financial literacy team at Vancity Credit Union.


Each One, Teach One Campaign in a Box
Click here to access Each One, Teach One marketing collateral created by Atlantic Central to help promote Each One, Teach One at your credit union.

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