Canadian Credit Union Association

Member Service Representatives

A positive member experience starts with confident and effective frontline staff. Our series of on-demand eLearning courses and member service accreditation program can help turn Member Service Representatives (MSRs) into ambassadors for the credit union.

The MSR Start Series (eLearning)

The Member Service Representative (MSR) Start Series consists of six, 30-minute elearning modules. These modules cover the basics that all new MSRs need to know during the first three months on the job. Some modules may be suitable for other credit union positions. The modules include: 

  • MSR Orientation
  • Basic Transactions and Cash Security
  • Managing Risk from the Frontline
  • Electronic Banking
  • Understanding Member Profitability
  • Product Knowledge

MSR Accreditation

This unique accreditation recognizes fully-trained service representatives (MSRs/FSRs) who have acquired the competencies to perform typical side-counter transactions.