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Pelmetta Performance Solutions

Cusource® Professional Development & Education has recently partnered with Pelmetta Performance Solutions to assist credit unions in meeting their member’s long-term needs.

Improve Member Experience with Custom Solutions from Pelmetta

Pelmetta is a people and culture transformation company that specializes in working with financial institutions. They offer tailored solutions that are specific to the individual needs, circumstances and strategies of each client. They focus on assisting executives and their teams to better align around strategic priorities of their organization, and to optimize performance at a team and individual level.

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Creating, blending or enhancing the culture of either an existing organization or one created through a merger can be daunting. However, following a simple eight-step process provides a way to create consistent desired experiences externally and internally. Our eight-step process will enable you to:

  • Build respectful partnerships and relationships between all lines of business and regions, in harmony with the organization’s core values and direction. 
  • Define and communicate a process that facilitates growing the organization by understanding the expectations of your members and then living up to those expectations.
  • Acquire more members, expand and develop existing relationships and retain those members by providing an exceptional experience internally and externally.
  • Clearly communicate expectations and define accountabilities based on the right beliefs and behaviours. 
  • Create and communicate a roadmap whereby all employees can have a big picture view of where the organization is going and how they fit in. 
  • Ensure that staff development, processes and reinforcement activities are aligned and consistent throughout the organization to meet the results objectives. 
  • Incorporate the right metrics. 
  • Execute an engaging rollout plan to consistently communicate the right messages to everyone within the organization.

Expected Business Outcomes
The expected business outcomes of this cultural alignment and creation integration include:
  • Increased membership and member value 
  • Enhanced member experience in a differentiating way 
  • Increased member acquisition, retention and wallet share 
  • Empowered, engaged, and aligned staff 
  • Achieve the financial results and net growth objectives